Spinal Cord Injury

A surgeon reviewing the xrays of a patient suffering from a spinal cord injury.Med1Care Therapy Partner’s physical therapists specialize in the treatment of spinal cord injuries. We offer a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach, focusing on building skills and maximizing independence.

Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Overview

Life after a spinal cord injury is challenging and frustrating, but you are not alone! At Med1Care Therapy Partners, we are here for your life-long journey. Not only do we help you face the physical challenges, but also the mental/emotional challenges faced with the extent of damage and loss of independence.

How Long Will I Need Therapy?

How long you will need therapy will depend on the severity of your injury. Fortunately, we are lucky enough to partner with your team including doctors, nurses, orthotists, case managers, and insurances to make sure you get the care you need for the best quality of life.

What Our Program Aims to Provide:

Just because you had a SCI, doesn’t mean you’ve lost your independence. It just means we are going to work with you to get your independence back in a new way. Our therapy team works with you to maximize your function, improve your mobility, and prevent complications that can develop over the years living with a SCI.

You Can Rely On Us!

Recovering from a SCI is not easy. It is long, frustrating, and wears on the strongest of people. Becoming a part of the Med1Care Therapy Partner’s family means you will never be alone when you face those challenges as we work with you to gain the best chance of regaining function, improve/preserve your quality of life, as well as enhance the function you have.

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