Why Wound Management is So Important

Why Wound Management is So Important

A wound is damage that occurs to tissue as a result of some sort of trauma. We tend to think of wounds as being open sores, but wounds can also be closed injuries. Regardless of which type of wound you may have, there is a natural healing process that takes place. The healing process requires your body to regenerate the damaged tissue, however, with mature skin this process may take longer to occur. As we age, our skin slowly loses its ability to regenerate itself. Proper care helps avoid chronic wounds and decrease the risk of hospitalization.

Wound management also reduces the risk of serious infection. Because mature skin is naturally slower to heal, this presents the perfect breeding ground for pathogens if the area is not properly cared for. Those who may not have the mobility, motor dexterity or mental capacity to care for their own wounds are at a significantly heightened risk of
infection, especially for deep wounds.

What is Unique about Med1Care Therapy Partner’s Wound Management

We can follow you through your continuum of care. Our family of professionals provide wound care in both home health and outpatient settings, thus they can follow you where you need them! This allows for seamless transitions and better communication with your constantly changing status.

Our clinic will be providing Ultrasound MIST Therapy!

MIST Therapy is a unique way to help heal a wound faster. It uses low energy, low intensity ultrasound that is delivered through saline mist to the wound bed. Not only does it help encourage cell growth to help close the wound, it helps clean it at the same time by decreasing the bacteria in the wound itself. By doing this, you’ll see less drainage (exudate). Additionally, it encourages an increase in circulation, further increasing the speed a wound can heal. Furthermore, it can help remove dead (necrotic) tissue through gentle debridement.

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