Work Injury

Female worker with sprained ankle.Med1Care Therapy Partner’s physical therapists specialize in Work Injuries. We offer a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary approach, focusing on building skills and maximizing independence.

Work Injury Care Overview

At Med1Care Therapy Partners, we customize programs to manage your work injury risks as well as get you back to work as soon as possible after injury. We partner with your whole team including your employer, case manager, and insurance.

“We aim to bridge those challenges with you!”

Prevent injury beforehand:

Come see us for a Job Assessment. A Job Assessment is aimed to look at your job requirements/environment to identify functional demands and potential risk factors that could cause injury overtime. By identifying these risks ahead of time, we can develop a program just for you.

Work related injuries shouldn’t be taken lightly:

  • When the injury wasn’t avoidable, Med1Care Therapy Partners is here to help. We focus on key areas to promote a continuum of care every step of the way
    • Key areas
      • Reduce # injuries at job site
      • Return you to work faster
      • Physical and Occupational Therapy approaches to maximize effective treatments
  • In serious musculoskeletal injuries, our staff knows who to refer them to so they get the most appropriate care
  • Getting them back to work as quickly and safely as possible
    • We develop individualized programs to assist get you back to the job even if you have been off for an extended time. Ask us today about setting up a conditioning/work hardening program
    • How do you know if you can return?
      • We utilize BWC Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) to determine whether your functional status is appropriate to perform the demands of your job. This allows your doctors, insurance company, case manager, physician, attorneys and employer see how much you have improved since your injury and that you are ready to go back!

Not just for patients, but for employers too:

  • We can help you identify what condition your job requires in terms of physical demands
    • Identify the right candidates before they are hired
    • Develop reliable tests unique to your position
    • It costs less than if an injury occurs
  • Keep your employees safe
    • Identify risks/hazards → design prevention programs to decrease chance of injury

“Don’t let physical limitations limit you!”

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